Flexible Income/Growth Portfolios

Expertly designed

The Retirement Ally Flexible Income/Growth models provide investors with a risk-managed model allocation combining the expertise of two leading investment providers. The models utilize a core fixed income allocation from BlackRock, and a tactical equity allocation from W.E. Donoghue & Company, Inc.

Risk-managed ETF and individual stock allocation

By combining one of BlackRock’s four fixed income ETF portfolios with one of W.E. Donoghue’s separately managed accounts, clients get an active risk managed portfolio solution with low overall internal expenses. Clients also benefit from individual stock ownership managed by a professional manager for upside performance and risk management.

Risk overlay

Rules-based equity allocations derived from years of research and experience allows W.E. Donoghue’s individual equities to be moved to cash, so the overall portfolio can mitigate large drawdowns when market conditions warrant defensive positioning.