W.E. Donoghue Portfolios

About W.E. Donoghue

As a firm, W.E. Donoghue & Company emphatically avoids the "invest it and forget it" strategy. There is a time to be invested in the market to achieve upside potential and growth; but perhaps even more important (particularly for investors who have less time on their side as they approach retirement or are currently retired) is de-risking away from the market during corrections or declines.

Investment philosophy

W.E. Donoghue employs proprietary mathematical modeling to construct investment offerings, and collaborates with S-Networks and Standard and Poor's to build rules-based quantitative index solutions. These indices aim to tactically move between high dividend paying individual stocks and money market funds in the large cap, mid cap, and international asset classes. Indices include:

  • Power Dividend Index
  • Power Dividend Mid-Cap Index
  • Power Dividend International Index
  • BNY Mellon Composite Depositary Receipt Index
  • Power Momentum Index